If you receive a message from IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, offering $80 to participate in a survey, delete it.

According to my inside source, after overloading too few developers with too much work, Ballmer, Sinofsky and Co. blamed them for delays. Now they're busy undermining and/or purging the veterans from Redmond soil. Only problem is, when they're through, there will be nobody left to write Windows code. That's a bad idea from any perspective, especially security.

Email service provider FastMail's not-freemail service was out for over three days. And we finally have the complete "how-and-why" of it. Before you start calling names, read FastMail's side of it, then ask yourself how your system stacks up.

Despite the constant drumbeat of bad security news, many users believe it's all a bunch of bunk designed to panic them into buying stuff they don't need. They're right. But that doesn't explain why so few protect themselves by encrypting their wireless access points... especially since it costs them nothing at all. After seeing a wardriving report on my community, I'm depressed.

Think you're protected by credit bureau fraud alerts? Think again. A recent study found that credit reporting agencies fumble the ball 40% of the time... and that's at the simplest level, where agencies turn on the fraud alert. Credit bureaus are screaming bloody murder, but the story sure rings true among those who have dealings with their ilk.

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